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Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Ulemu Msungama has been released on bail after being charged of Sedition contrary to Section 51 of the Penal Code.

Msungama was arrested on Sunday in the capital Lilongwe over the leaked whatssap message where he alleged to have said there is need for a regime change, saying Mutharika has failed to run the affairs of the state.

Below is the leaked whatssap coup plot

27/01/2016, 21:25 – +265 998 58 24 45: What are we doing as MCP to deal with this stupid DPP administration and its president? In the last dpp regime, things were bad but we made Malawians to fight back. This time we seem to be normativising these deadly failures.

29/01/2016, 03:26 – +265 999 54 44 70: Kaya aMalawi kupusaku kunachokera pati eish! The DPP is messing up big time and we all seem Ok

27/01/2016, 21:59 – +44 7963 139218: I presume Diaspora movement should kick start it then the Nation will follow but it’s not easy for MCP as a party to start something, I know the consequences but let the masses do the job, they just need a starting point. Then everyone else will be ok board, these people are suffering and can react so quick.

29/01/2016, 04:18 – +1 (404) 617-9530: APM can be taken down, just using The Mubarrack Egypt style nkupita ku nyumba yathu, Kamuzu Palace osachoka iyayi, atha kukomokera momo ataona kalikiliki panja anthu atalusa ndithu

27/01/2016, 22:02 – +44 7754 944607: Does not opposition have youths who are fearless to tackle the issue head on?

27/01/2016, 22:08 – +265 998 58 24 45: We have youth, pp also has them . I think it 7th a matter of structuring, defining exactly what has to be done, well timed, not reactive, apologetic or too careful, logical etc. Rather, some organised chaos chipping at the elephant from all corners till it falls, all hands on Dec

27/01/2016, 22:09 – +44 7963 139218: We have the youth in opposition but legally any uprising started by opposition result in treason cases, let’s use the people. I believe if Malawians start it, MCP is ready to take care of them, there might be differences but even those starting this know the potential and opportunities that lies ahead.

29/01/2016, 01:48 – +1 (404) 617-9530: Pita ndiofunikatu kukamuchotsaku ku Kamuzu Palace yathu. Nyumba yathu imeneyi ngati anspangira Mubarrack in Egypt

29/01/2016, 06:14 – +44 7969 216335: But if a small group can pull out a campaign kunena Kuti sitichoka ku city centre till atatulapansi udindo I’m sure people can join in.

29/01/2016, 06:17 – +265 999 54 44 70: As MCP we were supposed to take advantage of all this mess and play it from the background

28/01/2016, 22:00 – +265 996 24 30 27: I entirely agree with you , me too wonder why we are not ticking and get necessary backing. Few of us had/have careers elsewhere but opted to join liberation movement. Alas its business as usual. Ask JK and myself. Even in parliament, we don’t get the support we need to get this DPP down

29/01/2016, 06:43 – +265 998 58 24 45: I used to think joining politics would give me a chance to be more active, use my activist voice with those of others but what I have seen is speaking out, walking in the streets has earned me the title waphuma ameneuja, the bulk of those I stand with prefer apologetic so called calculated politics. I’m an activist and do not apologise for my belief in people power. I must say, I’m reaching a point where it seems I belong more to my classroom where my phuma led in defeating bingu, it gets frustrating to be in a party everyone wants and is looked up but it is afraid of its own power, I feel like a person dying of thirst when I’m in a river. Me and my phuma seem to belong elsewhere.

29/01/2016, 06:44 – +265 999 54 44 70: Zimatopetsadi JK

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