Opposition people’s Party (PP) third Vice President for the north Kamlepo Kalua has once again called for immediate resignation for President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in 30 days if he fails to solve the challenges the country is facing.

Kalua was call comes barely three days after making the same statement at a two days meeting organized by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Speaking at the Party’s meeting held on Sunday at Masintha ground in the capital Lilongwe, Kalua said he is ready to die for Malawians, saying the move taken by DPP on its critics won’t help matters at all.

“What we are saying is that if he fails to solve these problems within 30 days, then we should have a National Transition Committee for 90 days just like it when we were going into a multiparty era then there should be elections and this is not tantamount to organizing a coup. If they kill me today then they will follow me very soon,” said Kalua.

He said if Mutharika won’t resign within the said days he is going to go on the street.

“I am going to have a lone match to parliament to petition the speaker on this and if they want me to put on a military uniform then I will do that,” said Kalua.

Last week, Minister of Information, Toursim and Civic Education Jappie Mhango described Kalua, Ken Msonda and Jessie Kabwila of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as disgruntled politicians, saying their call for Mutharika’s resignation is a non-starter.

Meanwhile the DPP regime has arrested Ulemu Msungama of MCP for treason charges while Kabwila is in hiding as DPP has instructed the Police to arrest her.

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