Government has been asked to introduce insurance for the Police officers who die on duty aimed at helping the deceased families.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mchinji North East, Alex Chitete made the request in Parliament on Thursday.

He said, “the crime rate has increased in the country where we have witnessed our beloved police officers killed inline of duty.

“Although the situation on the ground is worsening we need to consider providing the insurances for our police officers in so doing it will help the deceased families in future.”

On her remarks Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Dr Jean Kalilani said that it is a good idea but asked to be given more time to look into the matter.

“I need to sit down with my colleagues from the Malawi Police Service so that we can see how we can do that before I can take it to the cabinet and parliament,” said Kalilani.

She further said that Government through her ministry is making sure that there is security in the country and that the welfare of the police officers are taking care of to carry out their duties smoothly.

Blantyre Rural East MP Susan Ndalama also asked the minister of home affairs and internal security to deploy additional police personnel and constructing staff houses at Ngumbe Malawi houses police unit.

Recently Police officers have been murdered while online of duty.

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