Commotion erupted at the High Court in Lilongwe when former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralphael Kasambara threatened to slap Director of Public Prosecution Mary Kachale in the ongoing attempted murder of former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo.

It all started when Kasambara was cross examining Pika Manondo on the distances and time frame one can take to drive form diversion road going to Mphwiyo’s house which is said to be dumpy road.

Manondo estimated that it can take close to 7 to 10 minutes for one to drive from the diversion to Mphwiyo’s house. Then Kasambara asked Manondo again how long it can take for one to drive from Kanengo which is a far end of Area 43.

The line of questioning did no please Kachale who rose to object arguing it was already disputed in the court earlier.

This did not go well with Kasambara who told the court that it’s not fair for the prosecution to allege that Manondo indeed drove that night to Mphwiyo’s house using his VW Golf when court records shows the said vehicle wasn’t mentioned as the one used.

“It’s painful for the state to be here telling lies based on her false insinuations, and you are lucky it’s in court, if it was outside the court I would have slapped you,” said the highly charged Kasambara.

But Kachale stood up in anger, saying the statement by Kasambara was in contempt of court.

“My Lord, the remarks made by [Kasambara] are more than contempt of court, they are meant to intimidate me, demeaning the office of DPP just because Im a woman, it’s a gender issue because I’m a woman that’s why he says he could have slapped me. If it was his fellow man he couldn’t say that knowing they can stand each other outside the court,” said Kachale.

In his ruling Mtambo issued a warning and censored Kasambara never to repeat the use of offensive and provocative words in the court to any officer of the court.

Kasambara has since told the court that he will try respect the court ruling.

The Mphwiyo Shooting trial continues with Kasambara cross examining Manondo.

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