The District Commissioner for Blantyre, Charles Kalemba on Wednesday last week suspended his Director of Finance (DOF), Assistance Director of Finance (ADOF) and an Accountant over alleged incompetencies.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency, Kalemba said he had to take this move as they were not performing despite his numerous efforts to have them do their job.

“They have all been suspended for failing to do their job properly as managers of the finance department,” said Kalemba.

The DC said the DOF, Amon Kamala has been suspended on three grounds, he has never given formal reports and bank reconciliations for over a year; he is failing to provide leadership in the finance department; and did not turn up in time for the finance committee meeting recently in which he is the secretariat.

“I was embarrassed during the Finance Committee meeting as the DOF had all documents for the meeting and members (councilors, MPs and chiefs) were made to wait for him for 2 hours. He didn’t provide any reasons as to why he was late to me and his cell phone was switched off,” narrated the DC.

As such, the DC suspended the ADOF, Paul Khovulo as the second in charge of the DOF for failing to take up leadership when his boss was nowhere to be found during the finance committee meeting.

However, the accountant, Angello Namaluweso was suspended for failing to account for fuel money meant for pay parade in February, 2016 and for failing to account for revenue campaign fuel that was done in December, 2015.

The Commissioner said the council operations will not be affected by the absence of these top personnel as there are two principle accounts from the departments of health and education.

The three are expected to produce a report. Thereafter, the Accountant will appear before the Appointments and Disciplinary Committee while the case of two directors has been referred to the national local government committee.

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