A man was found dead Tuesday afternoon at Msonkhamanja in Lilongwe.

Lilongwe Police spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula said that a man named Dominic Chipinga was alerted of the incident and recognized the deceased as Manase Honde his uncle.

Chipinga and other people from Msonkhamanja reported the matter to the police who took the body to Kamuzu Central Hospital where the man was confirmed dead.

“The police arrived at the scene collected the body to Kamuzu central hospital where a post mortem result showed that the man died due to Sepsis with multiple lymph nodes enlarged.” said Kingsley Dandaula.

According to internet sources Sepsis is a life threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infections injures its own tissues.

This condition happens to anyone more especially of older age and with an illness or tissue damage in the body.

Late Manase Honde, 39, hailed from Msonkhamanja, Matsimbe Village, Traditional Authority Masula in Lilongwe district.

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