Salima District Hospital has confirmed that one person identified as Lovenes Issa 49, William Village, GVH Chankhwa, T/A Pemba has died from cholera while another one is in serious condition.

Speaking with Mana on Friday morning, District Environmental Health Officer (DEHO) Temwa Mzengeza said that the deceased passed on in the early hours of Friday.

‘The deceased was at first admitted as diarrhea patient, later samples were taken for cholera testing after it was noted that her guardian had also started showing signs of diarrhea,” said Mzengeza.

“We got the results yesterday and immediately all measures were taken to treat the patients and to stop any further spread, unfortunately the one who was responding well to the treatment is the one who has died,” said Mzengeza.

“A team was sent to the village for surveillance and they have reported back that the village looks to be okay as there were no further signs of the decease,” said Mzengeza.

The DEHO further said that at present the hospital has all the necessary emergency kit.

According to the Co-coordinator for Water Sanitation and Health (WASH) Waki Chungwa, surveillance has shown that all house-holds within William village have toilets, but the only challenge is that they do not have a safe water point.

“The people have reported that they get there water from an open well, so despite the fact that they have toilets we cannot rule out cases of open defecation,” said Chungwa.

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