Poets create pictures, lines that connect people in many ways. Poets spit magnetic words which attract the senses of poetry addicts. Like a sharp-eyed eagle, poets think beyond the horizon.

But, all these magical languages are not fully preserved because many poets have no albums on their belts.

And this development has prompted Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo to venture into the arena of promoting fellow poets, and culture in Malawi.

Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo is an arts group that will be officially launched at the Blantyre Cultural Centre on 17 April this year.

One of the group’s chairpersons Sylvester Kalizang`oma says Malawi has many amazing poets that are gifted but their talents are hidden due to financial hindrances.

“After doing a thorough research on poetry in Malawi, we discovered that there is still a huge gap between the well-established and upcoming poets in terms of promotion.

You see, without money it is impossible for poets to produce albums on their own and get exposed at the same time.

But, all is not lost for poets in Malawi because we have come here to take poetry afar from the grassroots level. We want to assist them in any way we can with the little we have, and the door is open for more people to register now.

Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo is a platform for all poets, it is the hub of organizing poetry shows beyond the regions of Malawi.

So, poetry enthusiasts must come in large numbers to witness the official launch at the Blantyre Cultural Centre on 17 April and they will experience something different. Our interest is not on making profits but we want to promote culture and fellow poets,” explains Kalizang`oma.

Asked where Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo will be sourcing funds for sponsoring poets, Kalizang`oma says:”Funds collected from the poetry shows and contributions of the group members will be channelled to the projects of poetry albums.”

“And as I am talking to you right now, Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo is proud to inform all poetry fans that there are some budding poets who are in the studio recording their debut albums, and we will unveil those products to the public so soon. We want to tell our fans that we have come with a new touch of poetry, and they should anticipate the unique entertainment from Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo,” adds Kalizang`oma.

Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo launch is expected to bring together a number of artists such as Amfumu Kenneth Khondiwa, Luckier Chikopa, Samuel Joseph, Hudson Chamasowa, Given Chichitike, Yohane Pangani, Sylvester Kalizang`oma, Pilirani Chikomo, Atcheya Frank Naligonje, Mr. Jokes, the Mighty GYV, Mada Nyambo, the veteran Norman Nyirenda, Felix Njonjonjo Katsoka, Gospel musician Ronald Thamakela.

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