Bitwalking, Ltd. (“Bitwalking”) announced today nationwide availability in Malawi. With Bitwalking, Malawians can now generate money by walking. Steps convert into digital currency called Walking Dollars (W$), and each step is worth the same value for everyone – no matter who you are, or where you are.Bit walking 3

Bitwalking has selected Malawi as one of the first countries to launch its currency. W$ will be used in the same way as Kwacha for goods and services throughout the country – boosting both personal incomes and local economies. 1 W$ is worth 1 USD, which is about 700 Kwacha.

Following Skyband’s announcement earlier this year to accept W$ for internet access across the country, further partnership announcements are due in the coming months.Bit walking 2

To start Bitwalking, download the app for free from Google Play.

To accept Walking Dollars at your business, register here.

The first Bitwalking meetup event will be held in June at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre.

“People are amazed at how easy it is to start Bitwalking, especially now that it is in the Google Play Store. The fact that some Malawians can possibly double their monthly income is really exciting.” – Carl Meyer, CEO of Source IT Solutions in Malawi

Bit walking 4

‘Bitwalking will materially impact personal well-being. Harnessing something as simple as walking, which is so prevalent, and changing lives through it, is the ultimate objective of technology.” – David Baliles, Salesforce Heroku Platform Architect

“Absolutely transformative.” – Rachel Sibande, CEO of MHub

“A much needed income stream generated through what Malawians do everyday, walking. Bitwalking will give us economic freedom to plan a bit more ahead and worry less as we walk from place to place.” – Karen Chinkwita, Executive Director of Jubilee Enterprises

“One can actually look forward to taking a walk as opposed to jumping in a car or bike to go a few metres or even kilometres.” – Tupochere Mbilizi, Systems Dev and Project Manager at Malawi Savings Bankbit walking 5

“This will allow them (players, coaches, staff) attend training camps, coaching programs and education courses as well as give them the ability to pay for food, books, clothing and transport.” – Vivek Ganesan, Executive Director at The Cricket Academy; President of Malawi Cricket Union

“A good way of promoting youth programs and helps to have this resource that we need for our programs.” – Mary Waya, Director of Netball Academy

“Bitwalking gives the ordinary person the opportunity to keep fit by doing everyday things.” – Gus Banda, General Manager at the College of Medicine Sports Complex

“Promotes many new health and business scenarios for current and upcoming businesses.” – Bruno Patridge, Overlander at Afroventures Overland Touring

Bitwalking gives you the freedom and opportunity to make money by walking. The platform converts steps into digital currency. A step is worth the same value for everyone – no matter who you are, or where you are.

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