Police in Mzuzu have advised spouses not to take away their lives as the best solution to their marital disputes, saying sharing them with trusted friends for advice is a better option.

The police advice follows the death of a 31 year-old Andrew Chinula from Galandola Village in the area of Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe in Rumphi, who hanged himself after efforts to reunite with his wife proved futile.

According to Mzuzu Police Publicist, Martin Bwanali, the incident occurred on 31st may 2016 at Ng’onamo area situated between Ekwendeni and Ezondweni north of Mzuzu City.

Bwanali said the couple got married in 2015 and due to some family disputes, the wife of the deceased (Chinula) moved out of the house and went back to her parents.

“It is alleged that the husband went to the wife where a round-table discussion was held before advocates from both sides.

“The discussions, however, yielded nothing as every effort to reunite the two went down the drain, a situation which made the husband [now deceased] desperate,” said Bwanali.

It is thought the man decided to hang himself as a solution after he was found hanging on a tree near his house during the early hours of 31st May, 2016.

A post-mortem conducted at Ekwendeni Mission Hospital indicated that the death was due to strangulation.

The Mzuzu Police Publicist has therefore asked spouses to share their family issues with their good friends to get positive advice.

He added that sharing of family problems helps to avoid stress which, if poorly managed, could lead to suicide decisions.

“A lot of institutions that provide counseling are available. The Church is one such good example, and spouses should be utilizing them, taking out life is not the best solution,” Bwanali advised.

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