Debate has ensued over the recent firing of Malawi Army Commander General Ignacio Maulana from the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika with others seeking explanation.

Muthalika on Sunday fired Maulana and replaced his deputy Lieutenant General Griffin Supuni who is now deputized by Clement Namangale.

The former commander has since been redeployed to National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA), according to Secretary to the government, George Mkondiwa.

Speaking in an interview with the press, Executive Director of Institute for Policy Interaction Rafiq Hajat said Mutharika’s decision will at some point backfire.

“I think there is more in Maulana’s firing than what meets the eye,” said Hajat.

On his part, political professor from University OF Malawi Henry Chingaipe said Mutharika needs to analysis his decision.

“This deployment is surprising considering that there aren’t security lapses at NFRA that can guarantee the high profile individual from the army to head such an institution.

Maulana was supposed to be entrusted with internal country’s security not a small institution like NFRA,” observed Chingayipe.

Maulana took over from General Henry Odillo who was dismissed by President Mutharika in June 2014 and his deputy, Major-General John Msonthi.

Odillo and Msonthi, both former diplomats, became embroiled in a constitutional crisis that blew up in April 2012 in the landlocked southern African nation after the sudden death of President Bingu wa Mutharika.

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