Presidential Press Officer Mgeme Kalilani has distanced himself from leaked Whats App conversation between him and President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s aide Ben Phiri regarding today’s meeting with University of Malawi (UNIMA) students’ union leaders.

In the leaked conversation, Ben Phiri is seen dictating what Mutharika should say to UNIMA students nicknamed ‘idiots’, proving what former legal advisor to former President late Bingu wa Mutharika, Allan Ntata said earlier that most of Mutharika’s decision are made by his personal aide.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Kalilani said he is not aware of the conversation, saying the text has been fabricated.

“Several friends, colleagues and relatives have called me inquiring about a purported leaked Whats App dialogue purportedly mentioning my name in relation to some important national activity.

“I have been sent the so-called Whats App dialogue. And would like to assure all that the text is a total fabrication,” said Kalilani.

He added: “With my occupation and the nature of our society, regrettably, such creations should be expected.”

Below is the leaked conversation

[8/3, 9:48 AM] Mgeme: Good morning boss
[8/3, 9:50 AM] Ben N Phiri: Good morning, kodi you said the president is meeting students leaders what time mawa?
[8/3, 9:51 AM] Mgeme: I indicated 1 pm on the press statement boss
[8/3, 9:55 AM] Ben N Phiri: Oh i see, but the president will be free at 3 pm. Arrange for the students to be here as planned though. You email me what you want the Boss to tell these idiots
[8/3, 9:57 AM] Mgeme: I will do excatly that boss. I am still working on it but it will be ready by noon. I suggested that the president order immediate opening of CHAANCO mawalo… should I include that?
[8/3, 9:57 AM] Mgeme: I mean a date for the opening?
[8/3, 10:00 AM] Ben N Phiri: Yes yes do that and i have to consult someone from the council if that will be ok with them. I think the idiots are now aware that they are not gvt…we are the gvt
[8/3, 10:03 AM] Mgeme: True that boss… have a great day.
[8/3, 10:04 AM] Ben N Phiri:

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