Former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara and his co-accused are expected to be sentenced to jail on Monday next week by High Court Judge Michael Mtambo and the sentencing will be beamed live on Times TV and radio.

Judge Mtambo on July 21, 2016 convicted Kasambara of the offence of conspiracy to murder former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo while his co-accused MacDonald Kumwembe and Pika Manondo of the offences of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder.

But Kasambara and his appellants trashed the conviction appealed the case to Supreme Court.

In the appeal, the three argued that that Mtambo erred in law and fact in holding that the prosecution had made out a case to answer for them when the prosecution had failed to prove it.

Despite the appeal Judicial Spokesperson Mlenga Mvula in an interview said the sentencing will go on August 22, 2016.

Mvula said both sides (the State and the defence) on Tuesday (Yesterday) filed sentencing submissions on their conviction in readiness for hearing on Monday next week.

He also revealed that the file for former budget director, Paul Mphwiyo’s 2013 shooting case is bulky and needs more time for proper compilation before the court identifies judges to sit for appeal case.

“During the hearing process, the Judges were taking notes using long hand, the court reporters were also taking notes using recorders and all those notes have to be typed and perfected and then compared, including the notes from the two parties, that is, the State and the defendants. Thereafter, it is when the notice of appeal and the files will be sent to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Blantyre to be given case number as well as the responsible judges,” Mvula said.

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