There was drama in Salima on Monday during the official opening of Sugar factory attended by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as Traditional Authority Khombedza opted for opposition People’s Party (PP) slogan than that of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

It all started when Master of Ceremony (MC) Mr. Timpunza Mwansambo called the chief to speak at the event.

But T/A Nkhombedza spoiled the events when he mistakenly chanted PP slogan instead of the ruling DPP, attracting booing from people gathered at the event especially Party followers.

After realizing his mistake, T/A Khombedza immediately apologized to the President and people gathered at the events, saying it was just a sleep of the tongue.

Although this was the case, Mutharika ignored T/A Nkhombedza mistake and concentrated much on the importance of the company to the people of Salima and Malawi in general during his address.

Mutharika said the opening of the factory was a clear testimony that his government is working hard to turn the country into a producing and exporting economy.

Mutharika said that Sugar Company will create 3,000 jobs and bring social services like a hospital and a technical college in the area.

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