Former Inspector General (IG) of Malawi Police Lot Dzonzi has made an emotional tribute over the sadden death of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera SC, saying he is deeply shocked with his death.

Mbendera died on Thursday in the capital Lilongwe after collapsing while in a meeting with Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa.

Writing on his official facebook page, Dzonzi has described Mbandera as humble man who helped him a lot during college days.

Below is the statement:

I arrived on Chirunga Campus in October 1980 wearing patapata,with a single pair of trousers and one shirt. A final year law student spotted my lack. One Wedneday evening as we came out of a SCOM meeting he invited me to his room.We walked down to Dunduzu Hall. Once in his room he open his wardrobe and invited me to pick two pairs of trousers,three shirts and a jacket. That law student was Maxon Mbendera.

A few months later he walked into Cafeteria A with his girlfriend Ida Ndovi,They got their food and found a table.They walked to the taps, whilst washing their hands another student approached Maxon and hit him real hard on the face.The whole cafeteria went silent and waited to see how the whole saga would unfold. How would a SCOM chairman who has been embrassed in front of his girlfriend and in the presence of over a hundred student witnesses respond. Maxon simply said God bless you. He walked back to his table and continued to eat and chat with his girlfriend like nothing happened.

A few days later somebody knocked on the door of his room he opened and saw the student who hit him, he invited him into the room.Once inside the guy told Maxon that until that moment in the cafeteria he hated his Jesus and he hated Maxon too but now had realize that Maxon was not fake,HE WANTED TO KNOW HIS JESUS.

My path next crossed Maxons path during one of the critical moments in the history of our country in 2014.This is a story I reserve for my grand children.

HAMBA KAHLE MAX. As you used to say “Boy oh boy” Sizobona emafini

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