Lake boundary dispute between Malawi and Tanzania has resurfaced with the latter issuing a new map showing that part of Lake Malawi belong to the east African country.

The map has angered the government of Malawi and Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa has advised the officials to disregard the half truths by Tanzania by rejecting use of any document bearing such misinformation.

Mkondiwa said the boundaries between Malawi and Tanzania have never changed and are as designated by colonialists the Anglo-Heligoland Treaty.

“Malawi government would like to call upon all officials in government ministries, departments, and agencies to be alert on this matter and to continue rejecting and refusing to use all such maps appearing in any form or media including calendars, diaries, official documentation or other documents for any purpose or business,” reads the statement.

Mkondiwa has also insisted that it has never accepted claims that Tanzania owns part of the lake.

The dispute between Malawi and Tanzania over the lake started in 2011 when the government of Malawi our oil & gas exploration licences in the eastern shoreline of the Lake that Tanzania regards to be within its sovereign jurisdiction. The potential for lucrative revenue streams to be generated from the exploitation of oil & gas resources in this region has further encouraged the dispute.

From a legal perspective it appears that Malawi has a legitimate right in asserting its sovereignty along the Lake’s eastern shoreline.
The border between Malawi and Tanzania was initially demarcated by colonial powers, Britain and Germany, in terms of the Heligoland Treaty of 1890 (Treaty).

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