The family of Chekucheku, Bottoman, Entifanti, Paulosi and Joliji are worried with the conduct of Stranger Moffat Joliji Chekucheku.

Joliji Chekucheku Chekucheku married three wives namely Anabetha, Anamagagula and Anamoyo of which he bared 16 children.

Stranger Moffat Joliji Chekucheku born out of the 16 children but the other children does not want him to be chief because is not from the loyal family.

Even the loyal family of Chekucheku they do not want him to be chief but he just goes to the DC’s office to bribe people to help him to achieve his desires.

He does this through a community based organization called Dalitso yet his mother came from Tsangano in Ntcheu district and not in Neno.

Nelson Namatenga also want to be chief but he is not from Chekucheku’s family and he take advantage that he do services of impi Chikoko vehicles at his garage at Machinjiri in Blantyre.

Their parents just came to Neno to buy Paprika at M’banga Estate. He is just giving letters to the DC claiming for the chieftaincy.

The Chekucheku family is wondering where the people are getting the powers because they do not have any connection with the chieftaincy of chekucheku family.

“People from Stranger Moffati Joliji Chekucheku during the time when Ngozi was running the chieftaincy from 1977 to 2004 where were they?

“During the time of Ngozi all these people were silent; no one made an effort to reclaim the chieftaincy. The very same people from Stranger Moffat Joliji Chekucheku are the ones who took Francis Magombo (Former TA Chekucheku) to be crowned as chief, didn’t they know that the chieftaincy belongs to them at that time,” said Eveleti Chekucheku.

The Chekucheku family is therefore asking the Principal Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development Stewart Ligomeka and Minister Kondwani Nankumwa to intervene on the matter.

But the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankumwa has been saying that wrangles about the chieftaincy should be handled by the people that are concerned not rushing to courts or to the DC’s office.

To talk to Stranger Moffat Joliji Chekucheku for comment on the alleged allegations proved futile as his mobile phone could not be reached.

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