As condolence messages continue to trickle in over the gruesome murder of evangelist Shadreck Jonas Wame, former Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) Lot Dzonzi has made an emotional tribute.

Writing on his official facebook page, Dzonzi he is deeply shocked with the untimely death of late Wame who is believed to have been murdered by his houseboy currently at large.

Dzonzi said he could have loved if the departure of Wame was peaceful not the way it has happened.

Below is Dzonzi’s tribute to late Wame:

I woke up to the message of the sudden and shocking news of the cruel death of Evangelist Shadreck Wame.

This is one man who could have thought of founding his own church, but he did not.

This is one man who could have heaped himself with many titles;apostle,prophet,etc but he did not.

This is the man when asked if he could accept an honorary doctorate responded by saying,”udokotala wa chiani? Ine sindikakhale dokotala,ine ndine wodwala,ndi madwala matenda auchimo,ndifuna Yesu dokokotala”

This is a man who preached the gospel wearing a white dust coat and not a designer suit, some deep humility from the heart of Christ.

This is the man who remained consistent with the message of salvation,never compromised by the desire to please listeners.

The questions is WHO WILL PICK THE BATON?

In case there is someone asking;”Where was God when it happened? God was on His throne,where He was when Jesus was nailed on the cross.

Satan you are a liar.You have always been.You have used death again to spite God. I declare in Jesus’ name that through this death many souls will come into the kingdom,many people will commit their lives to Christ because of this death.Many who listened to Wame’s preaching will remember and respond to Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the Living God.

O death where is thy sting,o death where is thy victory? Because JESUS LIVES WE SHALL LIVE.

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