Malawians have strongly opposed to the decision by Malawi Bureau of Standard (MBS) to ban the importation and selling of Mozambican produced Frozy drinks due to the products’ failure to meet required Malawi Standards, saying the reason given is lame.

On Tuesday MBS issued a statement warning Malawians to stop consuming frozy soft drinks, saying the drink has failed to conform to standards as stipulated by the institution under the import quality monitoring scheme.

But the statement did not go down well with frozy lovers in the country with others taking the issue to social media especially facebook to express their anger.

One of the concerned Malawians identified as Mathews Chione wrote: “What standards are you talking about? People collect the empty bottles of frozzy and put water,thobwa and sell what standards are there? What standards are there in soya pieces where my friend found a dry lizard? What standards are there in dzitumbuwa, freeiizes we make in homes? But Malawians still survives.

“What standards are there in our stinking taverns,resthousez, do we really have Malawian standards? Frozzy has killed southern bottlers be realistic…running away from competition.”

Concurring with Chione’s remarks, Peter Lungile Chidothi asked MBS to explain why they have effected the ban on the product without involving Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA).

“I am not convinced with the results #MBS has released. There are #many #fake products roaming in the #streets, a lot of drinks not certified by the body, why aren’t they banning those? They maybe very harmful!

“So lame #enjoy my #frozy,” he said

Harold Nsiya Gama wrote: “This ban of selling Frozy is unwelcome move to me. If Frozy doesn’t meet Malawian healthy standards, does Thobwa that is sold on Malawian markets meet those standards? If Frozy is hazardous to our health, isn’t it hazardous to other countries citizens also? Mwatilakwira.”

Meanwhile some Malawians suspect that Southern Bottlers Company which manufactures Fanta, Sobo and Coca-Cola is behind the move.

“The bottom line is sobo company is not making profit since flozzy begun to enter into malawi every body know this .akananena bodza lina not kunamizira ife kuti akutipezetsa mavuto,” said Angoni Angoni.

Effort to talk to MBS Director General on the grievances raised by Malawians on the ban proved futile.

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