President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s home coming statement released recently by State House Press Officer Mgeme Kalirani has taken the social media by storm, giving Mutharika’s sympathizers a breather.

According to a survey conducted by FaceofMalawi reporter, the statement has been re-posted over 20 times in different Facebook pages.

Some of the notable pages are Galaxy FM, state controlled Malawi Voice, official government facebook page, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, State House, MBC online, Mana online, My Malawi My views and other facebook pages.

The statement has also given room to Mutharika’s sympathizers to molest those people who were spreading rumours that he is critically ill.

One of Mutharika’s sympathizer identified as Synet Chawinga wrote: “To all invited friends and relatives, i write to tell you that since peter mutharika will be returning home this sunday. The party i was organising to celebrate his absence has been cancelled. Am also considering taking to court all social media sources that were spreading false rumours about mutharikas death.

“People have slaughtered cows this week and now hearing that someone is coming home in sound health, its so frustrating. Long live peter mutharika we love you. We are now back to square one. Eish God forbids.”

Another person identified as Nick Collins wrote: “Horrible headline writing. “Fit and well” suggests he has been seen to be fit and well and “returns to Malawi on Sunday” immediately following it suggests he came back last Sunday 9th.

“Drop the fit and well, since you have no idea at this point, and just say “the president *shall* return on Sunday”.

Douglas Banda wrote: “ I think a better number of Malawians need delieverance, they are demon possesed. A normal thinking human being does not celebrate somebody’s death, no matter how much you hate them.Can you imagine someone celebrating the death of your mother,father, aunt or daughter; how would you feel. Mavuto ndi amenewa but let’s appriciate the value of life.”

Mutharika’s long stay in the United States of America and lack of information from government on the whereabouts of the country’s President raised suspicion among Malawians with others speculating that he is critically ill.

The development forced government on Sunday through Ministry of Information to issue a statement warning people to immediately stop spreading the rumours that Mutharika is critically ill.

The statement attracted criticism from analyst across the country with others asking government to release a video of Mutharika while in USA to act as proof that he is strong as alleged by the statement.

Meanwhile Malawians are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the President on Sunday October 16 2016.

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