Eudoxie Yao will definitely beat Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and even Vera Sidika at this.

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Eudoxie Yao, an Ivory Coast woman who claims to have the biggest bum in Africa has a derriere almost two times the size of Kim’s.

When she’s not busy wearing skimpy clothes and taking photos on the ‘gram, she spends her time touring the world and spending all the money her voluptuous body is reportedly fetching her.

Here are a few photos of her that would leave you pleasantly shocked (if you can look past her make-up).

1. Here she is, declaring that ‘love is merely madness’Is it?

  1. Showing off her underwearEudoxie
  2. Brightly-coloured leggings that do justice to her figureBecause why not?
  3. How about white?Even better
  4. Black is even betterMiss bootylicious
    1. What did I tell you about her make-up?But the body makes up for it
    2. Thick! Thick! Thickkkkk!Perfect size
    3. Did I tell you she’s got a huge front too?Image result for eudoxie yao
    4. Too hot to handlePurple is bae
    5. She celebrated 50,000 followers in styToilet selfies
    6. Spilling outFrom all angles
    7. That booty surely speaksDamn girl!13. I wonder how she manages to walk around looking like thatSugar mama! 14.It sits perfectlyHeating up the place 15.What that butt do?I bet it wiggles
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