Several researches show that Malawian women are faithful to their husbands despite being ill-treated in marriages.

According to qualitative research published in Global Public Health (2013) women remains faithful to their husbands despite being abused and their vulnerability HIV/AIDs due to non-monogamous partners.

“My husband had a child with me and then he left me… sometimes just beating me up… he finds another woman and then I accept him until he gives me a second pregnancy and after the child is born, he leaves me again and goes to find another woman . . . Until I have given birth to all those children while he was doing all of this so I just strengthened my heart that I should just leave this,” woman quoted in an interview.

Men in Malawi drink alcohol a lot, so they ill-treat their wives, they humanize but Women remain faithful to them.

”When he’s drunk, he becomes mad, he talks at the top of his voice, he beats me and he eats all the relish in the pot, which is not good. I am like a slave to him. I am not happy at all. I don’t enjoy marriage because we have no food, he spends his money on drinking and he comes home late’. Woman interviewed in Lilongwe Malawi on Substance Use and Abuse and its Implications in a Malawian Context (SINTEF report March 2008)

This  research also shown that despite  women earn little than men  but they support family more as their husbands are always busy drinking , leaving home with no enough food.

All these depict that Malawian women, still cling to their husbands despite all problems men cause at home.

Another research  conducted by condom manufacturers, Durex  show that Malawian men are very strong in bed, their sexual hormones arouse faster so they care little about their wives , they do not give their partners  enough foreplay time but rush into act which keep some women being unsatisfied but still remain faithful.

To cap it all, Malawian women act as bread winners, love their partners, family despite being abused, cheated by their drunkard husbands.






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