A Kenyan man has been crying and begging for mercy after an angry husband made his manhood grow out of his penis for committing adultery.


A Kenyan man who thought he could only get sexual pleasures from another man’s wife got what he did not envisage when his manhood has refused to stop growing and has now dropped to his knee.


Tuko reports that the young man who has been having adulterous relationships with a married woman has been begging the husband for forgiveness as well as returning his penis to its normal position but the husband has been doing what is called ‘askor’ in these parts by refusing to give him a listening ear.


The angry husband is said to be from the Luo ethnic group in the South-Western Kenya, a group said to be very famous in the use of magical powers to fight their enemies, especially anyone who messes up with their wives.

Many believe that the Luo the man placed a curse on his wife after finding out she was cheating on him with other men and the unfortunate lover boy is now suffering as he could not keep away from another man’s wife.

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