What would be your reaction if your wife beats up your sick mother who came visiting your house? That is the decision Uche is trying to make.

The little strength left in Uche after saw his wife beating up his mother, he managed to gather to write to one of marriage advisor online.

“Dear marriage advisor

My name is Uche, a 36-year-old man. I have been married for six years but I am not sure I want to continue with the marriage because of what my wife did.

I have always known my wife, Ella, to be hot-tempered who is prone to flying into a fit at the slightest chance but little did I know that she would transfer her aggression to my own mother.

It happened that my mother had to come and stay with us for some treatment since there was nobody to take care of her.

Her coming also coincided with the birth of our second child and that was an opportunity for her to take care of my wife and the new baby.

But every other day, she would complain to me how my wife would maltreat her, starving her and throwing insulting words at her.

I always calmed her down and told her to take Ella as her own child which she has been doing to the best of her ability.

But last week, my mother told me how Ella warned her never to enter the kitchen. I called my wife and warned her to stop maltreating my mother but my wife got angry and stormed to my mother’s room in anger.

I thought she would shout on mama like she always did whenever she was angry and went after her but to my surprise, Ella burst into the room and before I could stop her, had landed slaps on my mother.

I had to use force to pull her away but she kept swearing that she would kill my mother if she does not leave her home. That was when I told her that instead of my mother to leave, she would be the one to leave.

True to type, she packed her bags and left the house and has vowed never to come back if my mother does not leave.

I have made up my mind that my mother would not leave my home, after all, I do not have another mother but I can marry another wife if Ella refuses to come back.

Many of my friends have advised that I send mama back to the village but I will be damned if I will do that.


In the position of helping Uche out, what would you do if your wife beats up your mother?

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