Empowering of Women remains a poor run for some men as other women turn out to be monsters in a marriage if they earn better than their husbands.

Here is a notable example how some men do  suffer a lot when their wife earn more, this man wrote to marriage adviser to ask for how he could handle his wife who look down on him.

“Dear marriage adviser,

My name is Jonathan, a 40-year-old man. I am married with three children but my wife, Stella, is making life difficult for me and I am not finding it funny any longer.

I work with a bank as a reconciliation officer and for those who know, the job only has the prestige but in terms of salary, it is nothing to write home about, especially with the recession in the country.

I have been able to take care of my family with the salary I make and the little I make from some businesses here and there.

But that was before Stella got a job with an oil company with a very fat salary and mouth-watering perks of office.

Initially, I was happy that my wife got a better job and felicitated with her but I did not know that I had rejoiced too soon as unfolding events proved later.

We had to move to the new duplex that given to my wife and that, I thought, would save us from house rents.

The first thing Stella did was to change our children school and registered them in a very expensive school. When I tried to resist, she argued that with our new status, our children deserve to be in the best schools.

But this has now become an albatross for me as my wife keeps reminding me how much she pays for the children’s fees with me not contributing anything.

She tells me every day, even in the presence of people, how much she spends every month to take care of the family, what she has done for me and my family, how I am living in her house without shame.

She now expects me to run errands for her, go to the market, cook for her, clean the house, wash her clothes and cars.

Stella is now suddenly so busy to do anything in the house and if I complain, she would tell me that since she is the breadwinner, I have to take the role of the wife.

I am totally fed up and sometimes, I feel like walking away.


What you think Jonathan should do, should he just leave her? As the fact is, every man needs to be respected in marriage.

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