Over 1000 from a total of 100, 000 metric tons of maize purchased from Zambia for food insecurity response has arrived in Malawi.

The maize is being stored in Admarc warehouses and will be distributed in the central and northern region Admarc depots for sale.

The corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Foster Mulumbe said the process of transporting the maize is going on smoothly.

Mulumbe added that he remains hopeful of Malawian transporters getting involved in the transportation process even though they have missed out on the latest consignment that is being offloaded.

“I have been assured by the supplier that they are in the process of clearing a list of Malawian transporters with the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia. Therefore, the next consignment will include Malawian transporters and chances are high that the ratio maybe more than 50 percent,” he said.

The Admarc Chief Executive Officer said measures have been put in place to ensure that the maize is not affected by rains in the transportation process or at their storage facilities.

Mulumbe assured Malawians that besides the maize it is currently receiving, Admarc already has adequate stock of maize being sold in their depots countrywide adding that the maize arriving will supplement its existing stock.

Government through the corporation, has purchased a total of 300, 000 metric tons from Romania, Zambia and locally in a bid to avert the food crisis that Malawi is facing after last season’s harvest was heavily affected by adverse weather.

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