Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora Christopher Mzomera Ngwira on Wednesday afternoon caused commotion in Parliament when he deviated from deliberating on National Parks and Wildlife amendment Bill to propose that some laws in the country need to be amended to give chance to people from other regions to rule the country.

Ngwira said it is sad that most of the people in top position such Reserve Bank of Malawi governor Charles Chuka and others comes from the Southern region which is so unfair.

“Madam Deputy Speaker there is need to amend laws concerning leadership in the country to allow every member other regions of the nation to rule the country,” he said.

The remarks attracted point of orders from government benches especially MP for Blantyre North who corrected Ngwira but he ignored the correction
The development angered First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje.

Mcheka Chilenje described Ngwira’s remarks as demeaning.

“Hon. member this is my last warning to you if you behave the same way next time I will evoke section 105 of the standing orders,” said Mcheka Chilenje after reading the section.

Section 105 empowers the Speaker to send out any member who uses un-parliamentary language during proceedings or fail to withdraw such language if asked to do so.

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