Money. It’s amazing the impact one simple word can have. There are people around the planet suffering, unable to live a decent life because of it. There are others who require immediate and/or long term medical care and yet, without the cash, they cannot get it. This leads to all kinds of complications, including the prolonging of suffering and, perhaps even, death.

This Is Hosineara Begum

Her Entire Body And Face Are Covered In Tumors

For one elderly woman in Pakistan, the stigma of her condition has caused her nothing but heartache. According to her son, she spends every day in psychological turmoil, shunned by the people in her village and praying for the end. It all began when she went to a local doctor for a pimple on her face…

The People In The Village Shun Her

Before she knew it, Hosineara Begum was covered in tumors. From head to toe, growing everywhere and of every size. Of course, she believed there would be a way to control such an outbreak, but once again, money got in the way. Without the proper financial support, Hosineara can’t travel to the big city and see physicians and surgeons who might actually help.

They Also Call Her Names Like ‘Potato Lady’

And, Sadly, She Cannot Afford To Seek Proper Medical Care


The tumors are very painful, and sometimes, Hosineara picks at them until they bleed. She even claims her malady pushed her beloved husband to an early grave. Yet perhaps the worst part is the ridicule and reaction from the locals. They mock and chide her, consider her a pariah and avoid her at every turn. Hosineara may have no ability to change her condition, but the bullying and shaming she faces can be controlled. Sadly, people are superstitious and mean.

How Very Strange This Is All Is

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