Sometimes, we over think things in the bedroom, we feel everything leads to death, here are a few that aren’t that serious.  

We easily panic when our health deteriorates a bit especially in the bedroom, that one scares us.

And if you’re like me, you google the symptoms, then you discover you’re dying and its at an accelerated rate, judging from other people’s experience, you’ll be dead  which isn’t true at all by any iota of truth.

The internet can be a scary place when you’re looking for health information in general. Couples experience problems in the bedroom and seek to have these questions answered.

Sex therapist has demystified some worries that are not worth you depressed about.

Here are the sexual problems you don’t have to worry about.

1. Your sex drives aren’t on the same level 

I always thought this is a problem but apparently it is not. You and your partner might like to do it at different times, and may even differ on the amount of times in a day it should be done, this is fine, and it isn’t a deal breaker, says Carol Queen, PhD.

Mutual respect is advised here, you’re different people, work on this and plan accordingly, and find out if there is anywhere your wants converge.

2. You’re not as turned on by him like before

It’s sort of normal, the relationship can’t always be like the beginning when you wanted to have sex everywhere all of the time, it cools down. It happens that you don’t feel turned on by him like before. The only time this is a red flag is if it makes it hard for you to be sexual with your partner. But if things are still hot, just not boiling hot, says Queen. You can simply heat it up with new moves like you do with food in your microwave. 

3. Child bearing affects your sex drive

Couples who have children often complain about sex lives not being the same again, which is easy to understand. Children take up all the time, they’re adorable of course. “Postpartum, your hormones get wonky in a whole new way, and the toll your sex drive takes is exacerbated by fatigue and intense focus on your child,” says Queen.

4. Your sexual preferences are wide apart

Sexual preferences change some times, he might be feeling like blowjob more these days than previously. Communication is the key here. “There can often be resolve, so long as your preferences are communicated about regularly,” says board-certified clinical sexologist Debra Laino, PhD. “As a matter of fact, couples can be playful about their differences, such as asking for their preferences on special days.” It’s all about give and take. 

5. He loses his erection

As bad as it sounds, guys usually lose erection, he can’t keep it 100% all the time, it’s very exhausting, and this might happen with you, don’t think he doesn’t find you attractive anymore. . “Some men just get straight-up performance anxiety,” says clinical sexologist Dawn Michael, PhD. “Just have him focus his energy back on pleasing you, and it will relieve the pressure on him.”

6. Your orgasm is playing hide and seek

It can be very frustrating to be at the brink of orgasm, you can almost feel it and then boom! It’s gone. Downright annoying too, “There are plenty of things that can temporarily prevent an  orgasm —stress, an argument with a friend, even hormonal fluctuations,” says Laino. You can try prolonging the foreplay to solve the problem. If it doesn’t change, then talk to a doctor or ob-gyn.

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