Malawians have criticized Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi’ recent outburst directed at Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera with others likening him to an ’empty tin’.

Chakwera recently issued a statement where he said President Mutharika as vision-less leader who is failing to move the country out of the challenges such as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards.

In his statement, Chakwera described Mutharika’s leadership as one which is like a pair of scissors designed to cut the thread by which the country is hanging and send the citizens spiraling into the abyss of deeper levels of poverty..

But speaking in an interview with State Controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Dausi trashed the claims by Chakwera, saying Chakwera should appreciate various initiatives government has employed to tackle corruption, hunger, water and electricity problems.

Dausi went further by saying that all the challenges being experienced in the country were not created by DPP and asked Chakwera to stop blaming Mutharika.

But Dausi’s remarks have not gone well with Malawians with others, taking the issue on social media especially Facebook.

Wrote Wa Mwale: “Truly Dausi is an empty noise good for nothing tin, he lost value longtime a go, he used to speak wisdom during the time of Bingu because Bingu was performing, but with this good for nothing bwampini there is nothing Dausi can say, he is asking Chakwela to bring evidence? Evedence for what? Stories of corruption are everywhere almost daily does he not live in Malawi himself? He thinks that Malawians are happy with that? If Dausi and his bosses can not see that corruption is daily encreasing, it means we have wrong people in power who can not see, hear, or sense what is happening around them.

“Our resources will go without them trucking them down, if dausi and his fellow looters cannot see and would want someone to come show them where corruption is taking place, it means that everyone in this govnt is a their and does not mind of anything. All Malawians know that corruption has encreased rapidly in this govnt than when UDF introduced it, but if Dausi can’t see, am sorry we have wring people in power who must be voted out.”

On his part Jimmy James Msangaambe said: “DPP led gvt has brought Malawi to its knees,Chakwera is telling the truth,see this corruption scandal of 26 billion kwacha meant to buy maize,where in the world have you seen such a big amount of money only buying 100,000 metric tones of maize?Now you appoint a commission which will need funds to conduct their investigation yet there is ACB,this is totally a mess you can’t even understand it.”

Concurring with Msangaambe, Chirwa Edward said Dausi should be ashamed of his outburst.

“Has Chakwera lied on Blackouts ? Has Chakwera lied that Chasowa/Njaunju deaths have not been investigated ? Has Chakwera lied on Corruption,Frauds and Theft.? Dausi give us answers on 4.7bn cashgate at Escom.Dausi give us answers o Tractorgate.Where is the Forensic report of 577bn cashgate ? MCP is a refined party with Chakwera. All residues are in Dpp. Once again dont abuse MBC, you dont own it .Be ashamed,” said Chirwa.

Meanwhile analysts in the country have urged the DPP administration to tread carefully on the maize-gate scandal.

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