There are certain occurrences that qualify for coincidence. But when such occurrences generate a predictable trend then they cease to be a coincidence. Come to think of the former president, Mrs Joice Banda.

Being the second woman president in africa, automatically made her close to the first woman president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who she called her sister.

While Mrs Joyce Banda was embroiled in cashgate scandal to the extent of being booted out by the electorate and proceeding on a self imposed exile, her sister Ellen Sirleaf is also embroiled in corruption allegations that include awarding lucrative government contracts to her relations. May be mere coincidence!

JB as she is popularly known among her supporters, also has another sister by the name Lagarde, the IMF Chief. She too visited Malawi, had the publicity stunt here and left.

Next was her conviction over fraud, when she was holding a ministerial position in her native country. Maybe a coincidence too!

In South Korea, JB had a sister in the name of Park Geun-hyne. The sisterhood resulted in labor export in which our youths trekked to South Korea in search of greener pastures.

Next the sister is on suspension pending in-depth investigation in alleged involvement in corrupt tendencies. This looks like a trend, and defies the definition of a coincidence.

Well, before rushing into conclusion that associating with JB is not as a good idea, and to avoid being considered gender bias. JB has also another dimension that anybody who associates with her, may just be heading for a disaster. JB herself, miserably performed in 2014 tripartite elections, in which she made history by being the first head of state in Malawi, to be voted out in a multiparty dispensation. she lost to mighty DPP as led by His Excellency Arthur Peter Muntharika.

As expected of her friends, JB had a trusted brother in the land of prophets, Nigeria. He too, unlike his name, was not lucky enough, and miserably lost to an opposition candidate, Muhammad Buhari.

As if that was not enough, just neighboring the land of prophets, there was another trusted brother of JB, who she used to frequently visit. Well, the story is too fresh to demand refreshing your minds, as John Mahama lost to Anna Kufoo Addo, an opposition candidate.

Just to fill the reader, it is only incumbents losing challengers, rather, it has something to do with friends of JB, and here is another example of JB associates falling. In one of the oldest democracies, there is another sister of JB, who also visited her right here. She mounted an enviable campaign, the mainstream media favored her, she got most endorsements, she was touted as the most experienced among other accolades, but alas, an accomplished businessman, though a political novice, defeated her, in the name of Trump, defeated her.

That is what it means to be close to JB. Here at home, many who left their political parties to flirt with JB`s PP, have their political career prematurely curtailed, readers just need to look around to see them in their new career.

A number of young men and women have today found themselves in very strange career, in the country`s prisons, that is what you get by being close to JB


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