Opposition parties in Germany can now sleep at peace as to their long wish for Germany country to legalize cannabis in the country has been granted following a Landmark bill passed on Thursday by members of parliament in the country.

The Germany parliament voted to allow the consumption of the drug only for medical purposes as it is recommended by Doctors in the country who have stated that it can benefit cancer patients who are feeling nauseous after chemotherapy.

On the other hand, the drug in mention is believed to have the potential to help fight against lack of appetite and weight loss that most tumor patients experience and can additionally alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

The Germany Government`s drug commissioner, Marlene Mortler, pushed for the decision to allow patients to buy cannabis from local pharmacies with prescription from their doctors.

people should have access to medical            cannabis:Mortler

“It`s a great addition for patients who have waited for this a long time,” Mortler said.

In several US states, purchasing of cannabis with a prescription is allowed and so is the case in countries like Canada and France.

In Germany, the cost of the dried cannabis flower buds and cannabis extracts will be covered by health insurance for patients who have no other treatment.

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