At 38, Oge thinks she can never find love after all the men she has dated and given everything to turn around to hurt and disappoint her

“Dear marriage advisor

My name is Oge, a 38-year-old woman who has been hurt and traumatized by men so much I have come to the conclusion that love was not meant for me.

It all started when I met Kelvin in my first year in the university. I fell in love madly with Kelvin and being from a not too comfortable home, I did almost everything for him, cooking for him, buying his handouts and even paying his school fees till he graduated.

But how did he pay me back? He dumped me immediately after his youth service without looking back. I was terribly hurt and I mourned for almost a year because my friends practically forced me into giving myself another chance.

Since then, it has been one heartache or the other with men using me as a plaything, capitalizing on my free spirit and using me for their gains.

In the long run, I have had two children for two different men whom I have been taking care of without their inputs but as a woman, I still need the comfort and security of a man but it seems I was not meant to find love.

All my friends and younger sisters are all married and living happily in their husband’s homes but I can’t seem to find love.

I wonder if there is a good man out there who will wipe out this misery from me.


Dear readers, can you advise Oge on how to get a good man who will love her for who she is.



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