Gettysburg Battlefield is considered to be a site of Civil War’s battle. Here a lot of warriors were killed. According to an estimate, more than fifty thousand soldiers lost their lives during different wars in this battlefield. Devil’s Den is situated close to this battlefield where the dead bodies of those soldiers were buried. It is said that their souls still come to this battlefield and cry at what happened in the history. This area has been restricted because it encounters a ghostly history and is not fit for the tourists.


This road is situated in New Jersey, USA and is expanded in about seven milers of the countryside. There are various mysteries about this road. Some of the visitors have claimed that during their travel from this road, they saw while and black souls wandering on and close to the road. Various theories have viewed that the murdered highwaymen use to kill the passengers onto the roads especially those who try to cross it during the dark nights.


The island of dolls, situated in Xochimilco district Mexico contains the forests where the trees originate with dolls’ heads. It has become a natural process that the dolls’ heads originate from the shrubs and roots of the trees. It is said that a little girl died in this island and her dead body was found in the nearby canal. It is her soul which creates those doll heads naturally from the trees and even when one cuts such trees, the new trees bring the same forms of doll heads.


Helltown is situated in the Northern Summit Country, Ohio. It came into being in 70s and was a prominent site of buyout. The houses of those days were torn down and it took the form of an amusement park. The dark wooden landscape is of Helltown is scary because the people’s souls whose houses were torn wander in the town. According to the ghost-story tellers the Helltown is not a fit point for the tourists, there is only room for ghost-haunters to go there and explore the hidden secrets. A few of the ghost-haunters lost their lives during their stay at the Helltown. This is why, even the professional and experienced haunters hesitate to go there.


The Myrtles Plantation is a ghostly inhabitant. Some people rumor about it but the fact is that it was built onto a burial ground and the people claim since that time it became a deadly point. The ghosts kill children and ladies and vanish. The visitors claim that they have viewed a long-haired woman wandering into the streets during the dark nights. This woman’s body sometimes is seen hanged with high trees while sometimes she gets alive as a normal human being. The facts have had been unknown and this place has closed for the visitors for a few years due to continuous number of complains by the people living in nearby areas.


Stull Cemetery is a small town of Bumfuck. In early 20th century twenty people used to live in this town. Two of them, a father and his son lost their lives in an accident and they were buried in the farm field. The death of the father and son remained a mysterious fact and years after their death various people were murdered and hanged from the tree. No one knows who killed these innocents but USA’s various books have named Stull Cemetery a weird and scary place.


Moundsville is situated in Western Virginia, USA and tracks its history back from 120 years. It had been the site of captivating the violent criminals of that time. Those criminals were putted behind the bars without any facilities and without any food. The purpose was to teach them the lesson of amending their ways. Some of those prisoners lost their lives due to the scary interiors of Moundsville. During 1995, this prison was closed because it is now believed that the souls of those criminals are wandering inside and cry everynight.


The Bell Witch Cave is a dark and black where John Bell and his family were killed. The spirits of this cave continue to torture the youngsters in nearby colonies, this is why the people give preference to buy or rent their houses miles away from this dark and scary cave. The visitors of the cave claim that even a small piece of rock is cursed so one should not think of bringing anything outside the cave, not even a particle of sand otherwise he can lose his life in a couple of days. The technological tools have been used various times to capture the images of the cave’s inside but no useful pictures have so far been obtained.


The Riddle House is situated in Palm Beach County, Florida. This house was constructed in 1920 and was owned by Karl Riddle. Karl, along with his employee, Joseph committed suicide in this house and their souls are said to be wandering inside its premises. No one could reveal the truth behind their mysterious death but it is said that they died miserably, their bodies were hanging with the fans and neck bones were broken. Not only the house but also its furniture, the outside garden and even the nearby houses are scary and restricted for the people to come and stay at.


Pluckley is often regarded as a haunted and scary village of Britain. It is situated close to Ashford in Kent. It is said that numerous ghosts keep on wandering the area during the night time. Even some of the people from nearby colonies have claimed that they hear the loud voice of cries in different parts of the night. The government has restricted this area for tourists but still the ghost-hunters can go there to reveal the facts.

If you were looking for some interesting alien landscapes on this planet earth, then those are the places that are much more strangers and adventurous than any alien landscape.

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