A Saturday Night Live (SNL) writer has been suspended after posting a tweet mocking US President Donald Trump’s son Barron,  reports say.

On Friday, Ms Rich posted a now-deleted tweet, saying “Barron will be this country’s first home-school shooter”.

An avalanche of criticism on social media followed.

Ms Rich later deleted her tweet, suspending her Twitter account.

However, on Monday she was back online to issue an apology.

One Facebook post in reaction to her previous tweet has been shared nearly three million times.

The post read: “NO child deserves to be talked to in such a manner… He is a child, he is to be respected and he is off limits”.

Chelsea Clinton, the only child of former US President Bill Clinton and presidential candidate for the just ended US election,  Hillary Clinton, joined the support for Barron.

SNL has made a number of shows in recent months, parodying President Trump.

Mr Trump, who took office on 20 January, has described the programme as “not funny” and with “terrible” cast.

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