It’s a good news especially to the football lovers in the country as the Minister of Labour, Youth and Man Power has announced of free distribution of tickets to the official launch of newly built Bingu Stadium on Saturday in the Capital of Malawi.

According to the Minister of Labour, Youth and Man Power, Henry Mussa, 40.000 tickets  (enough for the stadium`s capacity)  have already been printed as a way of avoiding overcrowding which would result into other damages.

“We will stick to the capacity of the stadium which is 40.000 because we want as much as possible to ensure that the event is safe from any troubles resulting from overcrowding,” Mussa said.

President Peter Muntharika is expected to attend the ceremony as guest of owner.

The event shall also be spiced up with a match between Malawi national team (FLAMES) and China`s Guangzhou R&F.

The gates will open early in the morning as the distribution of tickets will be in process.

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