A psychic cat has been bought by a blonde witch in Russia for astonishing £66,750 after frightening the owner of its supernatural powers.

Dmitry R (the owner) claimed his marriage was in danger  from the cat which he inherited from his aunt when she died.

The case has gone viral in Russia after he claimed the cat could suddenly appear from behind locked doors, while also playing mind games that forced him to go shopping in the middle of the night to buy its favourite food.

The owner said he dislikes fish and sausages but the cat made him hungry for these foods.

“He would wake me up at 5 am giving me a strong desire to eat fish or sausage so much that i had to go out to buy it and give it to the cat,” he said.

“And as soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.”

The cat made his wife feel uneasy in their home in Blagoveshchensk and he decided to get rid of it.

He claimed a clairvoyant witch arrived on his doorstep from her home in Novosibirsk 2,800 miles away, and after examining the cat, decided it had “supernatural” powers, and paid him five million roubles (Russian Currency) for the animal.

The young, well groomed blonde witch refused to be named but intends to use the cat in her séances, he said.

“She is a clairvoyant, and came with all her equipments,” he said.

“She shut the cat in the room, and then rapidly decided to buy it.”

The woman told him, “This cat will pay its way.”


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