It seems as French officials are making some progress in finding the men who held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint and robbed her of millions of dollars in jewelry.

According to TMZ, 17 suspects were allegedly called in for questioning in connection to the attack and their photos have been released.

The site reports that three of the 17 suspects are women who were said to be stalking Kim days prior to the robbery. Two of the suspects were also confirmed to be diamond dealers.

The police narrowed down the list of suspects after tapping into phones that were used, making it easier for them to track down the individuals they believed had a hand in the crime.

The Daily Mail reports, however, that, in addition to that method, the cops found a DNA sample on a piece of tape used to gag the reality star. They reportedly used the DNA to find the suspects.

Of the suspects brought in for questioning by French police, some were open to putting their faces on display while others kept their hoods up to protect their identities for the time being.

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