The award winning DJ who hosts  an urban show on radio 2fm that runs every Monday from 9 pm till 12 midnight has denied claims of favoritism by some artists who claimed the DJ is bias  in selecting songs to premier on his program.

The entertainment show that is now on the peak as far as urban music is concerned has captured hearts of Malawians especially the youths, and it is evident enough that it is the most listened to show since Gowelo beats on power 101 and born n bred on 2 Fm sold out.

Critics say Joy Nathu only considers artists whose names already have an impact to the listeners, A claim that he has crashed.

“I have heard such complaints but it suddens my heart to know that we have such people who do not take time to understand what is it that we mean each time we converse,” said nathu.

He continued to say there are important factors that are taken into consideration before a song passes its standard for air play on his program. Musicians are told of the whole procedure when sending their song to be played on the program as he gives them feedback.

“When one sends a song, I check for talent, style, production and the ability to be consistent in the follow up songs. We do not want to push one hit wonders, we want to push someone we can see growing. My job is to play music that is of substance, different style, and mature production and most importantly that has a potential for growth,” he said.

Joy furthermore said, artists who complain do not have what it takes to learn since to accept correction becomes an issue to them. He urged those who complained that a great time awaits them on his program if they take his feedback positively.

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