A Nigerian choir mistress aged 34 has been arrested for exposing her private part to students in her high school class after she allegedly extended her legs and arms (cartwheel)

Lacey Sponsler

Lacey Sponsler was wearing a long dress when she decided to show off her skills in front of the students but she didn’t have any panties on and unfortunately was recorded on snap chat by a 17 year old.

According to police Chief Scott Laird, the incident happened during a high school choir class. Police said, Sponsler`s dress flipped up while in the act that caused exposing off her bare Vag*na to the students.

One student who recorded the clip testified that, Sponsler was not wearing underwear before performing the cartwheel. “The teacher had also been talking about using drugs” and said, “she thought fourteen year old boys were like men”  the student said.

After questioning, Sponsler denied that she did a cartwheel and told the police that she was only trying to be a cool teacher by dancing with the students.

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