In-Sight Media and Marketing Company has come to harbor the wide range needs of Malawians reveal the sales and project Manager, Daniel Gomani.

In an interview to FaceofMalawi , Gomani said the company has come with a lots of uniqueness, as it is a full-house marketing Agency so it provides complete marketing and advertising solutions which are relevant to all their advertisers’ needs.

“In-Sight Media and Marketing Company is a full-house marketing Agency which provides a complete range of marketing and advertising services to a diverse, as we offer; Outdoor advertising, Graphic and Concept Design, Signage (Neon, LED, Sign writing, Metal works and fabrication) , Corporate and promotional materials and Audio-visual Advertising” he said.

Gomani also described their company as unique as they are only Marketing Agency in Malawi which provides all round marketing solutions.

The Manager hinted on explaining how the company will also focus producing television programmes which centered on developmental projects in Malawi.

“It is very sad to learn that Malawi is still labeled as poorest country in the world despite all donors which are pumping in funds to run several projects that might develop the country.

“Therefore, we need to come up with a programme which will show many Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and government how they are failing to gear Malawi into developing path,” Gomani explained.

He also disclosed how the programme will show both small and well established NGO’s which are working tirelessly in order to have a better Malawi

“We know not all NG’O’s are failing, there some might be very small but are working hard, those NG’Os must be exposed so that well-wishers may support them, support their ideologies in order to improve living standards of fellow Malawians,” he added.

On the same developmental programmes, the Manager also hinted on coming up with programmes which will expose some events, issues that need attention through documentaries.

The company does not leave youth on beach, but get them into the pitch with several youth programmes which empower them.

“ It’s almost 60%  of Malawian population are youth but yet is only age group which are given less attention, so we need to develop programmes such story-telling, theatre and motivational talk which will encourage them to work hard in their daily lives,” Gomani pointed out.

After being asked what they think is retarding the development in Malawi, the Manager named corruption, nepotism, regionalism and selfishness as the ones eating up the progress.

“That’s good question, Malawi is slow losing morals( umuthu) people ceased to see others as equals.

“If people have umuthu, cannot run into corruption, they can favour every tribe and employ every qualified person.

“Therefore, our institutions for being Malawian in nature, we will have programmes which will promote umuthu to both youth and elders,” explained Gomani.

The company has its offices in Blantyre, Nancholi, are on Facebook  and yet to open its website.

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