70 year old London returnee only Identified as Mrs. Egunjobi has been rapped to death by one identified as Dare Garuba (33) after she took 2 bottles of gin and became intoxicated.

When she started acting drunk, the suspect offered to lead her home so that she would not be injured. However, the rapist convinced the drunken woman to take her into her shop where he took advantage of raping her. The scandal attracted people`s attention especially when rumours came out that the woman was dead and that led to the closure of surrounding shops.

                                 the victims body covered

One witness by the name of Mr Bamidele said they were outside about 11 pm when one man who went to defecate in the bush close to the woman`s shop discovered that her shop was still open at that time of the night. Then the man raised alarm with thoughts that armed robbers had broken into the shop.

He said. “Some of my boys and I, immediately we heard the man shouting thief, thief, thief then we called for reinforcement and went round the market.

“Unfortunately, when we moved close to the woman`s shop, the suspect opened the door and bolted. “One of us identified the suspect as Dare the time he was trying to escape and later the search for him followed.

Another resident of Ogun State Nigeria, said after the remains of the woman had been taken care of; they went to report the matter at police station.

He said: “What surprised us was that it was the same suspect who promised to take care of the woman so as not to sustain injuries that later took advantage of her.

“We searched the community for about four hours before we finally apprehended him in the ceiling of an uncompleted building where he was hiding.

We then handed him over to the police for appropriate action.” It was learnt that Garuba was still making love to the woman without knowing that she had died.

The woman`s husband was said to be at the scene but unfortunately he refused to comment anything.

The suspect`s mother, Mrs. Jumoke Musa, said she was fed up with the attitude of her son. She said: “I have done everything to prevent him from becoming a criminal. I left him with his father’s family after his father’s death because I  re-married and I did not want to endure his way of life.

“Even while staying with me in my present place, I did bailed him countless times for different offences he has committed in the community.”


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