A court in Nigeria has granted a go ahead to one complainant, Etuk, to divorce his wife whom he accused of being demonic because she always forces him to suck his menstrual blood every month when she`s doing her periods.

Etuk and his wife blessings (40) have been married for 12 years with two children, but things started changing due to demonic behaviors of the wife.

According to Etuk, his wife prefers him to ‘give her head’ only when she is on her menstruation.

Speaking before the court, Etuk said, “My wife is demonic. For several years, she will insist that we have sex when she is having her monthly flow.

“I didn’t have issues with that at first because she is my wife and I vowed to love her but things go out of hand when she will always insist that I give her a blow job.

“Initially, I did not take her serious but she threatened to divorce me and take along our two children with her, if I don’t give her what she asks for.

“Please I am tired of the union if she is not in a secret cult, how can I suck her blood when I did not have any spiritual covenant with her?

Etuk continued to describe his wife as abusive and arrogant, and that she lacks respect for his family.

But on her part, the wife told the court to ignore the husband`s plea. She said she loves her husband that she and the children cannot live without him.

Blessings denied the allegation that she forces her husband to suck her private part when she is at her periods.

“I do not force him. Of course I asked him once and I didn’t bother him again when she disagreed.” She said.

The court ruled out that the marriage could not go further as the complainant`s life is threatened, therefore, the court dissolved the marriage and asked the couple to separate.

“The respondent will have custody of the children and all expenses will be paid by the complainant who will have free access to the children,” the court president ruled.






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