As we are in the error where priests and prophets are busy pulling out different stunts to attract even more followers and fame, a South African priest has recently pulled out his which as a result has led to the death of 5 of his followers and 13 hospitalized.

Priest Light Monkeyi took it upon himself to prove his congregation was immortal by feeding them a dangerous rat poison that he mixed with water.

The priest told his gathering not to be afraid of death as they will not die. He was saying this while pouring the dangerous poison into bottles of water that he had prepared for his congregation to prove they were above death.

“We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. Death has no power over us,” he said.

He took a swig of the deadly drink before the congregation had run to him to take their portion also.

Suddenly, some members started feeling unwell and they had complained about stomach pains that saw 5 dead and 13 hospitalized before the sun went down.

Monyeki denied the responsibility in a twisted way.

He announced, “Too much of any good thing could be bad.”

The development has attracted police`s investigations but no arrests have been made yet.

Monyeki is not the first man of God to have put lives of his followers at risk. It’s just strange how some people trust their preachers that much.




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