For the sole purpose of gaining massive media attention on her birthday which also fell on the widely celebrated Valentine’s Day, this Ghanaian star paraded with and uncovered b.reasts then posted them on social media.

Award-winning Ghanaian comedienne, actress and broadcaster – Queen Afia Schwarzenegger yesterday stirred up a mild controversy as she displayed her luscious b00bs on her Instagram page as she marked her birthday

The self-acclaimed professional humour therapist carelessly veiled her massive b00bs with some tiny beads that hung around her neck while she posed for professional photographs.

This action brought the unapologetic Queen of Comedy under the intense attacks from her followers but she refused to be cowed by their criticisms as she went ahead to make a video telling the commenters to enjoy the sight of her fresh b00bs which she swung from one direction to the other while showcasing a crazy fashion trend.The Ambassador for Orphans penned down a stinking reply to her critics over the b00bs exposure claiming she is 35 years old making her qualified to make such independent decisions without the consideration of public opinion.
“To everyone
That celebrated my dipo with me… Thank you, the love, the prayers oh jeez… Thank you thank you and thank you mehnnnn… Fuck the haters mehnnnn 15 years n still counting mehnnnn!!! TO THE NATIONAL ADVISERS ASSOCIATION … FUCK YOU MEHNNNN FUCK SHIT MEHNNNNN I AM 35 I DONT NEED THIS MEHNN.. Advise beyonce(she is married n pregnant foool! ) and the krobo chiefs mehnnn, MY B00BS ARE AS TIGHT AS YOUR FRUSTRATION MEHNNN.. FUCK YOU TOO!. THANK YOU” She said to her over 524,000 followers on Instagram.The concept of n*dity seems to be the new trend adopted by mostly female celebrities on strategic days for the purpose of grabbing headlines cheaply.
Watch a video of Queen Afia addressing the controversy with her stylist below:


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