This should act as a warning to every Facebook browser who is fond of posting defamatory statements about others.

Mchinji magistrate court has sentenced a 23 year old to 42 months in prison with hard labour after he was found guilty for posting defamatory information on his Facebook page.

The convict, Pratozio Nkhoma posted a fake story on his Facebook page on February 10, 2017.

The convict gave out fake information that one known as Lonzoe Defector Zimba had killed 2 people at his resident with a gun. He said the people who were killed by Zimba were believed to be American citizens. Nkhoma did this to damage Zimba`s name.

Later, the complainant sued Nkhoma over the issue that led to the arrest of the convict.

Nkhoma pleaded not guilty but he was later charged following witnesses.

He asked the court to hand him a fair sentence claiming that he had a mother who was sick as well as a wife who had just delivered and on top of that he suffers from epilepsy.

However, the court sentenced him to 42 months in prison saying he had committed a sensitive offence.

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