A 35 year old man, a member of Christian Faith Evangelist Church in Nigeria has been sent out of the church after he was caught in bed with his pastor`s wife.

Report says the two were once lovers before they all got married but things fall apart when the woman, Mercy Igbo (32) started seeing the pastor who showed interest to marry her.

Since the pastor had money and all the necessities, the woman accepted to marry him and abandoned her boyfriend “Adenuga Obi”

Things started to change between the pastor and the woman as they spent 5 years in marriage without a child and she was frequently complaining of her husband`s inability to satisfy her in bed.

It is believed that the pastor had a problem with his manhood that he could not produce fruits.

The woman fall back and started to show interest in his ex-boyfriend again who happened to leave his original church and join his ex-girlfriend`s husband church.

The two continued to run their affair secretly such that when the woman`s husband leaves, Adenuga would go in and sleep with his ex-girlfriend.

Just previous Saturday, February 18, the pastor departed on a night trip to another church where he was expected to lead the following day`s Sunday service. Unfortunately the car he had used had a break down that made him to abandon the journey and go back to his house.

Like always, the wife had already given Adenuga the news that her husband had travelled and agreed to spend the night together at the pastor`s house.

Shockingly, when the pastor returned he found the two in love that brought the quarrel between Adenuga and the pastor since they were all fighting the ownership of the woman.

Meanwhile, the pastor has sworn not to leave the cheating wife claiming they made a vow to stick together for better for worse.

It has been established that Adenuga has been sent out of the church following the incident.

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