How would you react if your lover calls you a strange name citing your failure to give her/him good sex in bed?

A 42 year old Florida man has been arrested for battering his girlfriend who described him as “mouse” referring his inability to perform well in bed.

Eric Pritisch is being held under arrest by law enforcers on battery charges.

The police report says, “Pritsch punched her in the face because, as they were having sex, she told him, ‘You’ are not a man, you are a mouse.’

After the punch, the woman went outside where she met another man and asked him to call the police. She claimed she had suffered from the beating.

According to reports, the man disclosed he was a police officer also, before proceeding to take a report of the incident.

The woman, who was said to have smelled of alcohol, told the police that Eric Pritsch allegedly hit her in the back with a sex toy and a cord.

However, when investigators observed the woman, there were no marks or cuts discovered. Though, the woman`s jaw and left side of her face were swollen.

Eric Pritsch admitted he was drunk but he still denies to have hit her girlfriend.

The report states, “We did not locate the sex toy used by Pritsch to strike the victim.”

The suspect remains in police custody as the police continue with further investigation of the story.

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