A sex starved local woman brewed a shocker when she dumped her husband and eloped with a 60-year-old neighbour who later impregnated her.

The woman, Nyaradzo Nherera dumped her husband, Nyasha Chirashiwa and fell in love with Jeffius Tasarira(60) who eventually impregnated her in Zimbabwe. Tasarira is a member of the Marange Apostolic Church.

The matter was heard before Chief Neshuro’s traditional court and Tasarira was asked to pay a token of regret for impregnating Nyasha’s wife.

“The matter was heard before Chief Neshuro’s traditional court. Tasarira was ordered to pay $100,”said a local villager.

Nherera took advantage of Nyasha’s absence and fell in love with Tasarira and she eventually dumped her husband. It has also emerged Nyasha refused the money paid by Tasarira and returned to South Africa.

“Nyasha refused the money paid by Tasarira. The situation is very complicated,”said one of Nyasha’s relatives.

Nherera’s relatives however, accused Nyasha of deserting his wife.

“We have to look at the matter from both angles. Nyasha went to South Africa and never came back.His wife waited for a long time but Nyasha was nowhere to be seen.Therefore we cannot blame Nyaradzai(Nherera).We urged her to be patient and she tried by all means to wait for her husband.She also attempted to call her husband but he never responded positively,”said Nherera’s sister identified as Mary.


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