The Malawi government hasn’t changed the decision of moving all the refugees from Dzaleka Defugee Camp in Dowa to karonga district.

The government has announced this through the minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Grace Chiumia.

confirmed the development – Chiumia

There have a misunderstanding between the Government and the people of Karonga since the government officially announced the news last year in May.

People of Karonga claims the government`s move to take the refugee camp to Karonga will lead to insecurity in the district.

Backing up his people, member of parliament for Karonga central, Frank Mwenefumbo said his people in Karonga are absolutely not happy with the government`s plans of bringing the refugee camp closer to  them.

But Chiumia as Minister of Home Affairs and Internal security insisted that government will go ahead with the relocation of the camp.

Chiumia said the decision has arrived since the project received overwhelming support from a special committee headed by Paramount Chief Kyungu of the district.




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